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We're showcasing a selection of videos, covering a range of areas that we support. Some of these have been produced by us, and some we've been asked to share by our supporters. We’ll continue to add to this page regularly so please come back and see what’s new. You can also view these on our YouTube and social media channels.

Some of the videos may contain information about MND that some people may find upsetting. We’ve added a note by the side of any particular video where we think this may be the case.

This film ‘The Ride’ shows the devastating effects of motor neurone disease portrayed as a terrifying rollercoaster ride. It has been produced to raise public awareness of MND and does contain scenes that some people may find upsetting.

Awareness Campaigns

We've featured some of the videos from our most recent and previous campaigns. This year #MyEyesSay focused on communicating just using your eyes.

Association Videos

Robert's Story - 2016

Robert's Story featured in our Shortened Stories campaign which highlighted how people with MND have their lives, and stories, cut short.

#LastSummer - Ailsa's Story

Our 2015 campaign took a look back at the Ice Bucket Challenge of 2014 and the huge impact it had #LastSummer.

Don't let me die without a voice

We chose the theme of Voice in 2014 because more than 80% of people living with MND will experience communication difficulties, having a significant impact on their quality of life and the people they love.

Mark Maddox - My Story

Whilst this wasn’t a June Awareness Month campaign, Football v MND reached over 1.5 million football fans, during the 2013/14 football season.

MND Explained

This video was released as part of our #MyEyesSay awareness campaign and outlines what motor neurone disease is.

Care for people living with MND

This animated video provides a simple overview about motor neurone disease.

Association Videos

What is MND? - A short animation

This animated video provides a simple overview about motor neurone disease.

How can the MND Association help you?

This animated video explains how the Association can help families affected by motor neurone disease and the various different services we offer.

How the NICE Guideline on MND can help YOU

This animated video explains what you should expect from your care.

Eating & Drinking Guide

This video provides some great suggestions and introduces our Eating and drinking guide, packed full of info and recipes for people with MND.

Kennedy's Disease Clinic

Kennedy’s Disease and MND have similar traits, which can cause confusion during diagnosis. Find out more about the dedicated Kennedy’s Disease Clinic.

ALS: A video legacy

This short video explores how digital legacy can help you. A Nature Outlook video production 2017.

What is Kennedy’s disease? – A short animation

This animated video provides a simple overview about Kennedy's disease


It is costing people, on average, £12,000 a year more than usual to live with MND, that's before loss of earnings.

Association Videos

MND Campaigns Journey 2016

See what it's like to campaign to help people living with MND.

Lorraine's Story | Champion the Charter

See how Lorraine used her personal experience to get her local council to adopt our MND Charter.

Champion The Charter - As a councillor, how you can help

If you are a councillor in England, Wales and Northern Ireland find out how you can adopt our Charter.

Champion The Charter - Meeting A Councillor

How to take the first steps to engage with your council.

You will find more Campaigning videos on our YouTube channel


Here are some videos from our latest Regional Conferences and AGM.

Association Videos

MND West Regional Conference 2018 - Care and Support

Hear about our work on care improvements and volunteering from the team in the West.

MND West Regional Conference 2018 - Research Session

Dr Kirsten Kelly talks about our research programmes and partnerships, and introduces Dr Bradley Smith from King's College London who discusses Genetics.

MND West Regional Conference 2018 - Campaigning Session

Hear about our latest campaigning news with West Local Campaigns Co-ordinator Ian Chandler

AC 2018 | Introductions and Care

Hear from Chief Executive, Sally Light and Director of Care, Nick Goldup, discuss our achievements and our approach to care.

AC 2018 | AGM and Research Session

Listen to the 2018 AGM including announcements of our new Trustees. Plus, hear from Prof. Martin Turner discussing MND research.

Bristol Regional Conference 2018 Highlights

Watch the highlights from the Regional Conference in Bristol.

South Conference 2018 | 1

Watch again our Regional Conference from Bristol. See our work on care improvements and volunteering.

South Conference 2018 | 2

Dr. Brian Dickie is joined by Dr. Emily Feneberg who discusses the use of neuro-chemistry in MND research.

South Conference 2018 | 3

Hear about our latest campaigning news including our recently launched housing adaptations survey.

North Conference 2018 | 1

Hear the latest in Association news from our conference in Kendall.

North Conference 2018 | 2

Hear the latest in MND campaigning and care from our 2018 North conference.

North Conference 2018 | 3

Hear the latest MND research news with our Head of Research, Nick Cole.

East Conference 2018 | 1

The work of the Association from our Chief Executive, Sally Light followed by a session on aspects of MND care.

East Conference 2018 | 2

Our Director of Research Dr Brian Dickie introduces Dr Alex Whitworth to speak about 'Investigating the causes of MND'. His Dad had MND, so Alex has a personal connection.

East Conference 2018 | 3

A session on campaigning. Hear from our campaigns team who are joined by Rita Beaumont, our campaigns contact in Bedfordshire.

South & East Conference | 1

What the Association do, by Nick Goldup and an interactive session on Branch fundraising.

North Conference 2017 | 1

The work of the Association from our Chief Executive, Sally Light followed by a session on aspects of MND care.

North Conference 2017 | 2

Research presentation from Dr Haris Stavroulakis discussing Nutritional Support.

North Conference 2017 | 3

Campaigning to Make a Difference from Julie Compton, Campaigns Manager plus final thoughts on the day.

South & East Conference | 2

The latest in MND research with Dr Brian Dickie and Dr Rickie Patani.

South & East Conference | 3

An interactive session on care, campaigning and support plus final thoughts.

AC 2017 | Introductions

Hear a summary of the MND Association's work in 2016.

AC 2017 | AGM

Watch the 2017 MND Association AGM.

AC 2017 | Latest MND Research

Hear the latest in MND research from Prof. Ammar Al-Chalabi.


Our vision is a world free from MND. The MND Association funds and promotes research that leads us to new understanding and treatments, and brings us closer to a cure for MND.

Association Videos

Prof. Ammar Al-Chalabi talks MND Research

King's College London MND researcher, Prof. Ammar Al-Chalabi, talks to the audience at our 2017 Annual Conference and AGM.

Welcome to Symposium Live 2016

An introduction to our 2016 annual scientific conference by MND Association Director of Research, Dr Brian Dickie.

Stem Cell Treatment & MND

Dr Jonathan Glass discusses "the hope and the hype" of stem cell treatment for MND.

Closing Thoughts MND Symposium 2016 - Dr Brian Dickie

Dr Brian Dickie picks out his highlights from our 2016 Symposium.

You will find more Research videos on our YouTube channel

For Professionals

Information about MND designed specifically for Health and Social Care professionals. People affected by MND may find the content upsetting.

Association Videos

Care and Support for People with MND

One in a series of informational and educational videos on how motor neurone disease affects people's lives.

Diagnosis of MND

One in a series of informational and educational videos on how motor neurone disease affects people's lives.

Physical Effects of MND

One in a series of informational and educational videos on how motor neurone disease affects people's lives.

You will find more For Professionals videos on our YouTube channel

From our supporters

View a selection of videos from our supporters and volunteers.

Supporter Videos

We will try and feature videos from our supporters where we can, however we cannot feature every video. Please check our guidelines before asking us to consider your video.

Video Guidelines

Any views in these videos are those of our supporters.

Before acting on any information, advice or recommendations please check with a relevant health and social care professional. Everyone is different and ways people adapt to living with MND may not suit everyone.



Tony Edwards Story - The Impact of MND

Tony, who died of MND, and his family discuss the impact that motor neurone disease has on a family. This is a poignant video that some may find upsetting.

MND Nottinghamshire ''Walk through the door"

This video shows the importance of social contact and support for people affected by MND.

Enduring motor neurone disease (MND \ ALS)

This video shows the impact of MND on Steve Evans and his family. This is a poignant video that some may find upsetting.

Sky Dive for MND by Jo

An awesome video put together by Jo showing her experience sky diving for the Association!

Voice Banking

This video produced by the Press Association features an interview with David Welsh about voice banking.

The Adventures of Charlie and Bandit

Charlie, who lost his mother, Jan, to motor neurone disease in March 2017, is walking 86 miles across Hadrian's Wall with his pet ferret, Bandit.

Lost to MND

Three personal stories from family and friends of those who sadly lost people to MND. This is a poignant video that some may find upsetting.

City Swim 2017

Highlights from the first ever London City Swim that took place in September 2017.

Letchworth Walk to D'feet MND

Highlights from monthly local half marathon walks that take place in Letchworth, Hertfordshire.

Motor neurone disease in 60 seconds

Video courtesy of Bernard Bushnell. This video edit is from the documentary 'Enduring motor neurone disease'. This is a poignant video that some may find upsetting.

Ann and Barrie

Short documentary made by University student Daniel Barnes following Ann, living with MND and the impact on her husband Barrie and son Max,

Virtual Reality and MND

A short film by FlixFilms. They visited our South Essex Branch and demonstrated virtual reality. People with MND were able to test it - and loved it!

You will find more videos on our YouTube channel

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